Our Growth

Our experience spans several years in packaged snack food production while improving significantly on quality, efficiency, capacity and branding. While the company is currently looking to embark on a second tranche of major expansion to meet market potential and increase market share, we have achieved major milestones since inception; some of which are enumerated below

Acquisition of New Production Facility:
Starting from a kitchenette in 2010 with very basic equipment, we are today operating from a 2-acre facility in Agbara, Ogun state fitted with modern and automated production equipment with an installed capacity of over 600,000 cookies per day. We currently produce to full capacity with expansion in view.

Rapid Production Scale-up:
Production output grew from 12 cartons of snack packs per day to over 3000 cartons per day in just 4 years. Yet our current output is only able to cater to less than 40% of our market demand.

Increased Distribution:
Our reach has grown from a single community in Lagos state, spreading state-wide and reaching over 15 cities across Nigeria. We currently supply to all South-Eastern States, most South-South States and a few Northern States in addition to South-Western Nigeria.

Financial Growth:
We have grown our revenues by a significant quantum growing our revenue by over 1000% year on year since 2010. We are also making deliberate investment in human resource and machinery to maximize the growth potential we