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It Started, Quite Simply, Like This...

FASTIZERS started with its first production of cookies in the year 2010, desiring to cater to its immediate community. This first batch of home-made Fastizers Cookies, produced with less than N1,000,  got so much positive feedback it inspired the production of subsequent batches, however still on a small scale from a home-kitchen..

We currently run an automated production factory fitted with modern baking equipment. Our current distribution covers over 20 states with a production of over 600,000 Fastizers Fun Cookies daily..

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What our Customers Say…

"I like am for my pikin"
Yoma, Warri, Delta State
"E dey move market"
Chinedu, Ojuwoye Market, Lagos

"Its shelf life is unbelievable!"
Aisha, Kano
"My kids love it so much"
Mrs Blessing, Port Harcourt

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  1. Fastizers Fun Cookies


    Our Flagship product is the Fastizers Fun Cookies with a distinct short-bread taste and made of a rich blend of nourishing ingredients. The heart-shaped Fun Cookies is a delicious packaged snack loved by many.

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We hold a promise to all our customers to always
maintain high standards of production.

We have been in packaged snack food production since 2010
while improving significantly on quality, efficiency, capacity and branding!

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Our sustained quality in production and excellent customer service has kept us in good standing with all our retail partners and distributors. We are consistently driving sales volumes and looking to expand our distribution capacity beyond the shores of Nigeria. .

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